7. October 2014

Dream Career:
Post-Graduate Master’s Programme SpaceTech

Master of Engineering in Space Systems and Business Engineering to be offered by Graz University of Technology starting in March 2015

There is a lot going on in Space: for a long time the Space sector was reserved for government organizations. In the past few decades, however, the involvement of private companies and the aerospace industry has significantly increased. It is necessary to develop new business fields, for example satellite services, Space transportation or the future extraction of extraterrestrial raw materials, and this requires highly qualified experts. To respond to this need, Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) is starting an English language post-graduate master’s programme “Space Systems and Business Engineering,” or SpaceTech, in March 2015.

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The Space sector is a challenging field of work: If you are seeking a career that is slightly out of the ordinary, you need more than just technical expertise. “The greatly expanding Space sector requires highly qualified experts who not only shine in their field but also use modern business practices and can lead multinational teams,” emphasizes Harald Kainz, Rector of TU Graz. Systemic thinking, business skills, understanding of technological requirements and intercultural openness are required to achieve top positions in the Space sector increasingly driven by competition. To respond to this need, TU Graz is starting an English language post-graduate master’s programme “Space Systems and Business Engineering,” or SpaceTech, in March 2015.

The right mix for a career in space

The part-time post-graduate master’s programme is aimed at international specialists in the aerospace industry with several years of professional experience. “The topics we cover range from project management to communication and navigation, from systems engineering to intercultural competence. This customized mix is coordinated to meet the needs of professionals in the Space industry and Space agencies, preparing them for future leadership positions,” believes Otto Koudelka, head of the Institute of Communication Networks and Satellite Communications at TU Graz.

Virtual company for a real challenge

The three semester programme is conceived of as a part-time programme that can be combined with full-time employment and is only offered in English. Online modules will be complemented by six on-site units taught by international lecturers at European Space centres. As part of the Central Case Project, students will found a virtual company for a real-world project and develop a credible, profitable business model for a Space and ground segment they design themselves. The post-graduate master’s programme SpaceTech is administrated by Life Long Learning at TU Graz and supervised by Peter Schrotter. Registration is open until 15 December 2014; the courses start in March 2015.

Master of Engineering (MEng) in Space Systems and Business Engineering
March 2015
until 15 December 2014
online/part-time plus six modules where students must be present (two weeks each in or near European Space centres)
3 semesters (18 months), part-time
Language of instruction:
Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, several years of experience in the space industry, good knowledge of English

More information and registration details:

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schrotter
TU Graz Life Long Learning
E-Mail: peter.schrotter@tugraz.at
Tel.: +43 (0) 316 873 4935; 7938

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