11 July 2011

World Space Sciences as Guest:
International Space University (ISU) at Graz University of Technology in Summer

From 11 July to 9 September 2011, Graz University of Technology will serve as campus to the International Space University. The globally unique and excellent university for space research will bring top-class scientist from all over the world to Styrian and Austrian space capital Graz. About 130 international post-grads and 150 renowned visiting lecturers will conduct learning and teaching on the general topic of space for nine weeks. The ISU – with headquarters at Strasbourg, France – was founded 25 years ago, and is arranging this excellent programme for the 24th time. For Graz University of Technology the presence of the ISU summer program is a special highlight of its bicentenary celebrations.


Graz University of Technology has a tradition of space research. Its 200-year history and its Five Fields of Excellence through which it defines itself in science and research – advanced materials science, human- & biotechnology, information, computing, and communication technologies, mobility research and production sciences und sustainability in design, construction and energy systems – show that it also plays a central role in the field of space. Graz University of Technology is participating in national and international projects in the fields of satellite communication and navigation, remote sensing and satellite geodesy.

Strong philosophy

Internationality – interculturality – interdisciplinarity are the guiding principles behind the philosophy of the ISU. The ISU is organised interdisciplinarily: For example, physicists study together with lawyers. In this way, an active, interdisciplinary, international and intercultural exchange takes place. The establishment of the ISU 25 years ago is closely connected with the Space Studies research area, which is becoming increasingly stronger in all its aspects: The industry needs to train young people to a very high level. The SSP takes place at a different venue each year – at its own campus in Strasbourg every four years. It took place in Beijing in 2007, in Barcelona in 2008, in California in 2009 and in Strasbourg in 2010. That Graz is the host of the 24th SSP shows once again that Styria has positioned itself internationally very well as a science and research location.

Space capital Graz

Apart from the summer academy for experts, there are also a number of events for interested lay people. The public are invited when men and women astronauts will be converging on Graz on Astronauts Day to answer questions about their experiences in space. The first rocket launch from Graz is also open to the public. Projectiles made by students will lift off from Graz on Rocket Launch Day. Even if they don't reach the stars, they'll be plenty of fun and entertainment for all – on top of the practical experience gained. At an extraordinary masquerade ball, the Space Masquerade, you have the chance to meet authentic mars men.During the Robotics Competition, students show their competence in building their own robots in a competition. Above, there are also many free public events for interested parties.


ISU – Space Studies Program 2011
Date: 11 July to 9 September 2011
Place: Campus Inffeldgasse, Graz University of Technology


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ISU press kit available online

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