29 June - 5 July 2009

Brief portrait of the organizers of the RoboCup 2009:
Franz Wotawa and Gerald Steinbauer at the Institute for Software Technology at Graz University of Technology

The people behind RoboCup 2009: Here the main persons of the scientific top event are presented - Franz Wotawa and Gerald Steinbauer are the "general co-chairs" of RoboCup 2009.

Franz Wotawa – Head of the Institute for Software Technology

After his computer science studies, Franz Wotawa was awarded his doctoral degree at Vienna University of Technology in 1996. He has been professor at Graz University of Technology since 2001 where he has been head of the Institute for Software Technology and vice dean of computer science. His scientific fields of activity are in model-based diagnosis and configuration, logical reasoning and theorem proving, verification and validation, as well as software testing and autonomous, mobile systems. In his academic career up to now, Franz Wotawa has published more than 150 scientific works, supervised 36 theses, and has been actively involved in programme committees for international conferences and workshops. Together with Gerald Steinbauer he is the general co-chair of the RoboCup 2009.

“The RoboCup is a magnificent symbiosis of teaching and research. The connection between competition and science makes the RoboCup unique and allows a direct comparison of research results with practice. Furthermore, the event is ideal for granting pupils and young people a playful insight into the disciplines of engineering and research. The exciting questions‘what is intelligence?’ and ‘can intelligence be reproduced algorithmically or mechanically?’ are central themes of robotics research and have at the same time the potential to fascinate experts and laypersons alike.”


Gerald Steinbauer – the “father” of the Graz RoboCup

Gerald Steinbauer studied telematics at Graz University of Technology and gained his doctorate in robotics in 2006. He currently works as an assistant professor at the Institute for Software Technology. His research interests comprise autonomous, mobile robots, world modelling, robust robot control, cognitive robotics, model-based diagnosis, and the RoboCup. Apart from the first Austrian RoboCup middle-size league team at TU Graz, he has formed other RoboCup teams and co-ordinates all RoboCup activities in Austria. Gerald Steinbauer is the founder and president of the Austrian national RoboCup committee and the Austrian representative to the RoboCup Federation. Together with Franz Wotawa he is the general co-chair of the RoboCup 2009.

“The RoboCup shows in a thrilling way what robots can do today and is a really cool event. It is a testing field for developments in industry which can also be practically realised in order To provide help for persons in various areas. What makes the RoboCup so special is the close international network of leading scientists and students which has built up over the years and which is the biggest and most important source of innovation, creativity and commitment in the field of robotics research.”

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